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CONSULTANT: Diversity, Union Relations, Human Resources, Executive Counseling and Organizational Design

Diversity - Ted has lead diversity efforts at companies like Dell Computer, General Electric, Amgen Pharmaceuticals and the Russell Corporation.' Diversity is all inclusive. Those who tend to make diversity refer just to minority and females are simply doing it to devalue the process instead on making diversity an "all Inclusive" process.

Labor Relations - Ted has been on both sides of the spectrum in union and nonunion businesses. He is keenly aware of how to keep companies free of unions as well as working with unions for the good of the entity. "Unions don't make unions..bad management does. Most unions don't just come to organize a company, usually they are called because management has taken its eyes off the ball."

HR Organizational Design - Over his career, Ted has assisted companies in not only developing their HR structures but also the infrastructure of the companies.

Executive Coaching - Ted has spent most of his career developing individuals throughout the organizations but focuses his attention primarily on executive development through the 360 review process, assessments and counselling.

Public Speaking/Author - Ted is an accomplished public speaker, who specializes in motivational topics including: business, books published and generational subject matters.